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Membership benefits to INACSL are numerous.  Engage with a global population of Nursing (and other healthcare) professionals all learning and sharing the latest in simulation practices and research. In addition, members receive access to the following tools:




  • List-Serv: Join daily-digest conversations of simulation related questions, answers, links and advice through your email inbox from nurses and other healthcare professionals around the world!
  • List-Serv Archives: Visit the archives to read previous conversations from the INACSL list-serv.
  • Membership Directory: Find other simulation champions near you or with similar programs to make new friends.
  • Job Posting: Learn or post simulation-specific positions to our entire community.
  • File Library: Share and gain key document resources and presentations to help your simulation program grow!
  • Webinars: Upcoming and previous webinars are available to all members.
  • Newsletters: Gain quarterly advice from our INACSL Newsletter team.
  • Resources & Links: Key medical simulation related websites, whitepapers, and more can all be found here.
  • Annual Meeting: The BEST way to connect with your community is to join our annual event which brings together almost 1,000 nurses and other healthcare professionals dedicated to learning and sharing more about simulation.
  • Peer-Reviewed Journal: Lastly, don’t forget about included membership access to our “Clinical Simulation In Nursing” journal! Examine the latest in simulation research and knowledge.

As well, the members-only section of the website also includes:

  • Helpful Online Resources and Links
  • Low Cost Solutions for Creative Lab Supplies
  • Simulation Information/ Scenarios
  • INACSL Board of Director's meeting minutes, INACSL bylaws and committee reports
  • Tips on:
  • Managing a Learning Resource Center & Simulation Center
  • Developing Policies/ Evaluation Tools/ Waivers/ Contracts with free examples
  • Managing Equipment
  • Hiring/ Managing LRC Employees
  • Sample Instructions for Setting Up Labs
  • Storage Solutions and Carts for Managing Supplies
  • Creative Teaching/ Lab Strategies


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